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Saturday, 22 August 2015
Thank you for your amazing hospitality. Your house is amazing, I felt like at home.  I really like this part of Ecuador, it's so special, beautiful and friendly.  Patricia is such an... Read more...
Daniel and Beatrice, spain
Wednesday, 12 August 2015
Tras 2 meses viajando por Ecuador, hemos encontrado con Eduardo y Patricia el autentico ambiente acogedor de una familia ecuatoreana.  Unas maravaillosaas comidas y unas aun mas maravillosas... Read more...
Terrie, Australia
Monday, 15 June 2015
Muchas gracias por una estadia muy tranquila.  Disfrutamos mucho de su finca, la buena comida, los animales, el paisaje y por las buenas cabalgatas que hicimos por todo lado.  Gracias por... Read more...
Michael and Deborah
Wednesday, 01 April 2015
We found this place on the internet and with very little research and not knowing why, I knew I had to come here.  After  meeting Patricia and Ned, we immediately  knew why we had come... Read more...
Olivia and Adam, USA
Thursday, 12 March 2015
What an inspiration you are.  Thank you so much....Thank you 1000x I didn't know what to expect.  I thought it would be lots of hard work.  Actually it was the most pleasant 4 days... Read more...
Saturday, 06 December 2014
Thank you so much for hosting me for the past couple of days.  It has been a truly wonderful and relaxing time (except for my legs after the waterfall trek).  It has been a pleasure to be... Read more...
Saturday, 06 December 2014
For me, this is already a real eye-opener and very educational - thank you so much for your patience and generosity.  I have really appreciated the time and care with which you have welcomed me... Read more...
Julia y Luis
Saturday, 06 December 2014
 Hemos pasado un tiempo maravilloso con Ustedes.  La zona es epectacular pero lo que mas nos ha gustado ha sido vuestra acogida y compartir estos días con Ustedes.  Siempre... Read more...
Sandrine and Landry
Saturday, 06 December 2014
After travelling for months, we truly felt like home here.  Thanks for welcoming us in your home with such warmth. Sandrine and Landry,  Canada, Nov. 2014
Cynthia, John y Greta
Saturday, 04 October 2014
Aquí fue nuestra primera experiencia de la sabor del campo de Ecuador...fue un sueño hecho realidad.  Queríamos quedar por un año entero.  Muchas gracias por... Read more...
Cyrielle and Samuel, France
Saturday, 04 October 2014
Este viaje con vosotros fue un momento maravilloso de naturaleza, y todo estaba perfecto.  Gracias a Ned por las explecaciones sobre la naturaleza, era muy interesante.  Y un gran gracias a... Read more...
Melanie and Michael
Saturday, 07 June 2014
Muchisimas gracias por estos dias maravillosos.  Nos gusta mucho aquí y si podriamos, nos quedariamos much tiempo más.   Gracias pos enseñarnos tantas cosas (hacer... Read more...
Mike, UK, May 2014
Saturday, 07 June 2014
Many, Many thanks for having me to live with you here for 3 weeks.  Your warmth and kindness has been tremendous.  The farm and the country I have walked is beautiful and has been a... Read more...

Our friends

excellent resource for low-cost worldwide volunteer oppourtunites.
simple, effective resource for volunteers
volunteer Latin America
Great resource for volunteers
worldwide volunteer opportunities
Bienvenidos a la Finca San Antonio
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  •  Excursions or expeditions to explore the jungle of one of the world`s most bio-diverse areas.
  •  Horseriding/walking tours,  with great views of volcanoes, highland and jungle.
  • Fun cultural experiences with local families, for example hand milking, traditional sugar production, basket-making, cultivation of many different fruits and vegetables such as maize, avocados, citrus, and coffee.
  • Comfortable accomodation (Ecuadorean/European owned)
  • Delicious organic, home-produced food.
  • Malaria and snake-free zone.
  • Stay with friends of the intagtour project in Quito, and enjoy a memorable tour of the city with  wonderful Chari and Felix.
  • Great photos in our companion site, and blog.
  • For those wishing to help others, a  range of fun, low-cost volunteer experiences.

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Volunteer Opportunities.

















"A real eye-opener and very educational - thank you so much for your patience and generosity.  This is the most beautiful, peaceful and inspiring place I have ever visited"  Lily, UK, Nov 2014


A great chance to experience life in a remote, beautiful Andean community, sharing your own values, skills and lifestyle with local people, and learning about theirs.
Accommodation with local families, usually after an introductory period in Patricia and Ned's guest house.
Length of placement anything from a week onwards. There are 3 main types of placement: teaching, farm work, and ecology/conservation. It's fine if you'd like to try  more than one of these activities.

 Overall purpose of volunteer project: to provide a fantastic experience of authentic Latin America for volunteers, to build the confidence of the local children and adults in their ability to enjoy a wide range of professions, and to prosper from sources of income that don't threaten their traditional way of life.  We'd like to slow down deforestation in Intag, and encourage local people to think twice about the possible long term effects of copper mining on the wonderful natural resources of Intag.

Cost: Teaching placements:$50 per week; Farm work/ecological placments: $55 per week.  (the difference takes into account the great benefit for local children that  volunteer teachers bring).  All money paid direct to the family that you are staying with.  Cost includes all meals and accomodation.  Note: these low prices assume a sincere interest on the part of the volunteer in helping local people: those wishing to visit Intag primarily as ecotourists are directed towards the ecotourist section of this website. 

Other Costs: Most volunteers  like to spend a day or two at the start of their placement in the guest houses of Patricia and Ned (also known as eduardo!), while they are shown around the area and introduced to the people.  Patricia and Ned charge $15 on the first day for this service, to include 3 great meals, accomodation at their farmhouse, and visits to local schools and families. Thereafter, they charge the same price as any other host family ($50/55 per week). Money received is used to pay for the website rental, internet charges, and tax on the guesthouse.  Note that the Volunteer project of Intagtour is run on a Not-for-profit basis, so please play fair with us, and decide if you are interested in local people as a volunteer, or in visiting Intag as a tourist - both options are very rewarding, and understandably have different costs.

Other expenses: A pair of rubber boots. Cost: $8.50.  Great for muddy paths, and protect legs from biting insects; and a hat, to help prevent sunburn and sunstroke.

There are no ATMs in Intag, so please bring enough cash with you to cover your expenses.  The nearest ATMs and large banks are in Otavalo, a 3 1/2 hr journey by bus, daily from Cuellaje village.



 We recommend that volunteers arrive with basic spanish, to avoid possibly feeling isolated and frustrated.  Ned offers formal spanish classes, see website homepage for more details. On the subject of learning spanish,  just by staying with a local family you will find yourself "immersed" in the language.  Provided you genuinely want to improve, this approach can give a motivated individual with basic spanish the chance to make incredibly fast progress that would perhaps be the envy of many a formal language school student!  We find that great results are obtained by volunteers who realise that local people actually enjoy your learning experience. These volunteers are unafraid to ask questions and  "make a nuisance of themselves" !    Local people are shy and curious about outsiders, and in most cases would feel flattered if you asked them for help in learning the language. The precise level of spanish needed to enjoy life as a volunteer here is difficult to state, since there are people who are so robust, and so energetic in their desire to learn, that they can literally start from zero, and still thrive on the inevitable frustrations that are a part of rapid "full immersion" language learning.  However most, (including me!) are not so blessed, and will find that a basic, conversational level of spanish is richly rewarded during their stay here.


Application procedures.

There are no formal application procedures.  Just send an email to Ned and Patricia, and come and see if the area and its people attract you. Try to give us as much information as you can about your likes and dislikes,  and any plans and goals you may have while in Intag, to help us match you with a local family.

In deciding whether or not Intag might be a suitable destination for you, please take into account that Intag is a  poor part of Ecuador, and that conditions with our host families are  clean but basic: for example, soemtimes the showers are only warm, or even cold; food is good, but cannot rival the variety of modern "supermarket" cultures. Note also that this is a remote part of Ecuador: internet access is fine in the village of Cuellaje, but in the other parts of the parish only exists in the rural schools. Please don't expect the same relatively luxurious living conditions as you would normally receive in rural Europe or North America - In Intag, clean but simple accomodation is the norm.  You can get lots of independent views on this subject by browsing the intagblog at

We encourage all volunteers to post comments on this blog, (positive and negative!) so that it is a meaningful resource for those considering a volunteer placement with Intagtour.



Arrival in Quito:  Volunteers may like to be met at Quito airport and/or to spend their first nights in Ecuador at the beautiful home of Chari Agea and Felix Castaneda, good friends of the intagtour project. Chari is an artist and acupuncturist, and Felix is a professional musician with the Orchestra of Andean Instruments.  Chari  and Felix are frequent visitors to Intag, and can provide detailed information on bus travel to the area. They are also wonderful cooks (mainly vegetarian) You can contact them by email (preferably in spanish) to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it    Telephone:  02 3211886.  Very cool people! A stay with Chari and Felix is much recommended as a friendly, safe and fun start to your time in Ecuador.

Chari and Felix's prices

17$ room and lodging, including breakfast
 4.00$ lunch
 3.50$ Evening meal
35$ Reception at airport and taxi journey to home, nighttime.
15$ Taxi travel between home and bus terminal, daytime





A range of opportunities to suit your own interests and enthusiasms: We work with 6 primary schools in the parish.  Rosario, San Antonio, San Joaquin, La Esperanza, Cuellaje village,  and San Alberto.  These schools typically have around 30 children, and the level of english spoken by the children is very basic.  Aswell as english, volunteers often also help with physical education, music and singing, and computer skills - all to a basic level.  The greatest thing that a volunteer brings is the willingness to spend time with local children - this increases self-confidence and self-esteem, a wonderful gift to any young person.

Cuellaje High school has 220 children aged 12 to 18. Here the priority is again English teaching, and again, other subjects are welcome by arrangement with the head teacher.  

Please note that the long school vacation in this part of Ecuador is from mid march to early May. 

Please  contact the project coordinators Patricia and Ned direct at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

telephone (including national and international codes) ++ 593 6 3017543

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How to get to San Antonio valley and farm

The nearest town is Otavalo, which is about 2 hours north of the capital, Quito. Otavalo hosts Latin america's biggest textile and crafts fair every Saturday, and is well worth a stop-over.

From Otavalo by bus to the village of Cuellaje is a journey of about 3  and one half hours along a newly paved road that winds its way through the mountains. There is one bus each day,  which leaves at 1pm from Otavalo bus terminal. On Fridays and Sundays there is also a morning bus (8am, recommended for the excellent morning views).

To make sure of a seat, if possible buy tickets a day, or at least a few hours, in advance. Weekends are especially busy times for this journey, and standing passengers are not permitted! The route is beautiful, and the cost is $3.20.

Note that the Intagtour project does not own a car, and relies upon public transport. However, our Quito friends Chari and Felix do own a car, and can provide a taxi service for those who prefer private transport (see volunteer section for contact details).

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2 Days: Culture and Cloud forests

Day 1: Local people and their way of life

8-9 am  Leisurely breakfast, accompanied by hummingbirds and clucking hens, followed by a short walk through the woods to see the cattle and vegetable gardens of the farm.  An opportunity to try your hand at milking and harvesting fruits and vegeatables

11am  Tour of the farm cloud forests

1 pm  Lunch - home-produced food.

3pm  Basket making, sisal craftwork,  and local cookery skills - these are of course optional and it's fine if you'd prefer to rest in a hammock!